Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am still knitting a TON. But I'm pretty lazy about blogging. Therefore I don't get credit for the things I am knitting! So I'm going to try to keep track, if not just for posterity's sake. I have made a bunch of hats, I recently bought 16 inch circular needles and they are so quick! I love instant gratification projects, and hats definitely fill that void. The project in this picture is obviously a scarf, I don't love the yarn, but I got it because I thought it would match with scarf I had already started and it didn't, so it's just been taking up space in my basket. So I'm going to finish it and then gift it to someone.

I'm really excited about an order I just put in to Webs it's a bunch of gray alpaca yarn and size 8 addi lace needles! I have never used their lace needles so I'm really excited!