Thursday, October 29, 2009

Noro Noro Noro!

So I only have two knitting projects going on currently, until those needles I need for the cardigan challenge come in, anyway. One is this lace knitting that I'm not proud enough of yet to show on here, but the other is with some pretty top notch yarn by Noro. I had been trying to put this off until I wasn't so busy, but that yarn kept calling my name. Everything I have seen by them I have really really liked, their colors are all basically excellent, and it's of the chunky yet soft texture that is so satisfying. Here is a photo that I hope can give you an idea of this!
I am particularly excited to get to the green part.
I found a pattern on Ravelry called the "Prismatic Scarf" that I have been following and I feel like it's the perfect fit for this project. The idea behind the pattern was to have a scarf that basically shows off the yarn its made with, and since I have been basically talking about Noro as if I were in love with it, this pattern seemed only fitting. Here's how its been going so far:
And just to add to my excitement of working on this, I have been using my Brittany needles which were aptly described as "regal" by Margaret when we were purchasing them.

Ok, well I'm sure you've heard my gush enough about my personal knitting indulgences.
Here's the view of my cat from my bed this morning.
Annie. Professional Creeper.
Hopefully I survive the night. -Rachel

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, I am working on designing a tattoo for myself currently, of an owl. Why? Well, they are my favorite! And so adorable yet charming. Like myself, haha. Margaret and I actaully have a sort of tradition where we each give each other gifts involving owls, the most recent of which would be this chapI only have sketches right now, I am taking my time with it because I want it to be perfect, as it is my first tattoo and I plan on getting it in a viewable place. I chose a picture of an owl looking over his shoulder, because just straight on just wasn't looking right to me. I also have a book of color schemes that has been helping me to decide what colors I want to use! So heres a little preview of what I have underway!!
fig. 1
fig. 2

Rachel's craft to do list

Monday, October 19, 2009

UGH. Actual School.

So much schoolwork! I have midterms this week and next week so the procrastinating needs to stop. That won't stop me from crafting, probably, but I have an excuse!
This is my To Do list for tonight. I'm not looking forward to trying to conquer most of those.
I like this image from this cool blog. I think I agree mostly with that!
This proves that my yarn stash is totally manageable. Maybe a little embarrassingly small actually! Rachel, yarn shopping over Thanksgiving break has to happen!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coptic Stitching

This is my first attempt at stitching an actual book. I used mat board for the covers and plain printer paper for the pages. I figured I might as well use cheap supplies since it may turn out to be a fail.

And it kind of went both ways. I definitely need actual linen thread. This sewing thread that I was using will not cut it. BUT--that's the main problem! It mostly worked out.
The covers are a little wobbly since I just used strong thread. But overall it turned out how I wanted.
One of the nice things about this stitch is that it opens nice and flat, which is good for writing and drawing and scrapbooking...basically everything. I used this youtube video to help me visualize the instructions from the book I mentioned below. I really like the book, but I really have to see other people do things to figure out how to do something. That's why I love youtube for crafting!

Here's another close up of the stitch! I love how it looks. And the background in the first picture is my new self-healing mat! I am sooo excited not to have to cut into my desk anymore. Now I just need a t-ruler and then I can cut perfect straight lines on it too!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I Want

(Found here)

1. A Firepace! We have an electric one at home, but here nothing! So with this weather I am thinking a fireplace would be perfect, but it might make me even sleepier when I am doing homework.
(Found here)

2. Ooh. A Crop-o-Dile! I may be a little late on this train but jeez these things look cool and I am trying to get back into scrapbooking, so that makes me want one even more.

3. An Expresso Machine for my apartment here in Columbia! My family has one at home and I miss it!
(Found here)

4. Next weekend I am going home to Springvegas, and I am most certainly going to steal some allspice so I can make Pumpkin Spice Syrup to add to my coffee. (And I would like that lipgloss!)
(Found here)

5. Oh man, I want a spinning wheel so bad, however I hear that when you get one, you don't want to knit anymore you just want to spin, haha. So that might have it's downsides!

Anyway, those are just a few of the things I want right this second!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bookmaking and Stampmaking

So I have been obsessed with the library lately! And since I don't have a lot of time for reading actual books since I am supposed to be reading school books, I got some crafting books at the library. This one is (obviously) about making books.

I have made little pamphlet books before but never any kind of book that requires a knowledge of stitching pattern, so I am excited to make this one.

The below picture is of my bone folder becoming more flexible in oil. It had to soak overnight, but has since been dried. I am not in love with the fact that it is made of bone, but I guess I have leather shoes, so there isn't too much of an ethical difference. (Plus the silicone ones are quite pricey, supposedly.)
I have actually made 10 signatures (folded pages) of 4 leaves per signature. So, I am on my way to making a new book, but I think I need a drill to (easily) drill the holes for the instructions I am trying to follow, so I am bringing the project home with me!
So this is my other crafting adventure lately! Trying to make my own stamps! This one is obviously going to be my own initials. And I did this just with the carving tool obviously and an eraser, I have some of the carving blocks, but it is obviously cheaper to use just plain old erasers to practice on.

Here's a close up of one of the stamps, you can see the mess it makes in the background of pretty much all of these pictures, but luckily I have a vacuum. (and I like contained chaos!)

This bottom picture is an account up to the point that these pictures were taken. When I go to Hobby Lobby or a craft store, the stamps I seem to look at most are the ones used to proved a backdrop or lines for journaling. So I am working on making some stamps with like lines, and stuff. But as I am not very skilled yet, the lines have come out pretty wobbly and sketchy, haha.
So those are my newest crafting attempts, and I swear I have some scars (from the carving tool) to prove my trials, but I am always excited to make new things!

I am obviously still very excited about knitting. I am being more and more tempted to try the double pointed needles for some cute mittens, but I am holding off learning a new craft 'till I at least master the two above!



Ok, I know Chistmas comes earlier every year, right? Plus we here at KxC love making lists. So heres some items I've been coveting lately! If only I had indefinite funds and a home studio....
These are also in no particular order. If you're feeling inclined to buy me anything, haha...

1. Die-Cut machine
This would be excellent in so many ways. Every perfect little shape i could ever want, without me cramping my hand to use scissors!

2. Laser cutter.
Basically a die cut machine, only more hardcore. What if i need some wood or plastic cut into perfect little shapes?!

3. Screenprinter.
Theeeeeen the possibilities would be really endless. Custom shirts, bags, signs, whatever my heart could desire. Without all the work of doing it by hand, plus much more permanent.

4. an endless supply of Precise V-5 pens.
For all the offical letters I write

5. a personalized wax seal
...for all the offical letters I write.

6. A studio that is constantly and perfectly organized.
Maybe if i had a specific room for all my art/crafting, then it would end up all over my floor less.

7. A wall of chalkboard paint
I know that I could probably do this, but just never have and it feels a little daunting right now.

8. A panini press
I love foooooood. And since I am naming other somewhat expensive machinery, why not? Then I would have delicious melty sandwiches at my disposal constantly.

9. A record player
Self explainatory...

10. the funds and time to run my own coffeeshop/craft studio
This would be soooo excellent. Like if I had disposable funds to do anything I really believe this would be it. I can already make the drinks and the crafts, so feel like I'm ready! But it's just not the most practical idea at the time being...

Well there are ten things that I would like! Maybe I'll end up seeing one or two of them come December...

oh p.s.! My carboard chair held me. it looked a little ridiculous but it did the job, this next project we're doing in there will end up on here eventually too, I'm sure.