Friday, July 31, 2009

on pins and needles..

Kniting needles to be precise. Ohhh I'm so clever. Haha. Anyway, from just looking at this blog (and around myself) I am pretty aware that it's hard for me to just stay focused on one project for too long. I suppose that keeps me from getting bored, but it also prevents me from finishing alot of the things I start. I can usually come back to them after a while with a refreshed inspriation, though. And if I don't make a task seem to dauntng, I can usually finish it. So maybe it would help me to break big things up into smaller parts? Who knows!

Anyway, knitting and crocheting have seemed to be my vices as of late. Maggie got me a crochet hook and some yarn for my birthday, so after about a 10 year pause on that one I was able to pick it back up again with a little help! I have been working on knitting a scarf for my boyfriend, who once tried to learn, but that was short lived. So I am putting the yarn and needles he bought to good use at least! But as I said earlier, that by no means says that his scarf is the only project I have going. I am also knitting another scarf simply because I like the yarn, am always scrapbooking on and off, and am even tryng to work on some decorations for my walls. That embroidery piece is on an indefinate haitus. Much like Blink 182 was..until just earlier this year!! So exciting.

Also, I got a whole buch of used-up giftcards from my work...I don't have a plan for them yet, but I'm sure I'll find something!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home Again!

Me at Yellowstone!

My family and I went on a trip out west for 14 days and we camped for all but 11 of those nights!It was awesome, but I am glad to be back home too! We saw beautiful mountains and landscapes and some super cute animals too, including a baby grizz! We also went to some Native American sites and museums! 

Native American Jewelry

I also really want to get involved in quilting but I am also worried about the level of commitment it would take, I need to look for more inspiration. Look at how beautiful this quilt is though! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

first off, let me apologize for the poor photo quality.

However I am asking for a new camera for my birthday, so hopefully that wont be an issue soon! :) And that will only give me more reason to scrapbook, as well!
But in my outside of paper craft endeavors, I have tried to get back into doing some beading! I have done some simply jewlery making in the past, yet in a recent trip to Hobby Lobby I just couldn't pass up the bead section. I had also been itching for some new accessories, and couldn't seem to justify spending money on things I felt I could make myself. So I did just that!

I made a blue and red one (as you can prooobably see) and am pretty pleased with the result. I used Stretch Magic on one and stole some thin plastic coated wire from Maggie for the other. I think for the heavy glass and stone beads, the wire is definatley a better choice, as I am afraid it will weigh down and eventually break the Stretch Magic. So I may have to remake that one.
I made these rather long so that I could double them up, but would like to experiment with shorter necklaces made with larger beads. My mother has also already requested I make her one. :)
I am really happy with these, and am wanting to make more in other colors and in different sizes and patterns as well! Maybe this will be my new fix for a little while....


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dinner Party Ideas

I've lived in India for a couple of years of my life, and I have to say that Indian food is probably one of my favorite kinds of food. I always have meant to have a little dinner party serving food that I liked from India, but haven't gotten around to it! I think it might finally happen this summer. 

I would love to have it outside with a set up like in this picture. How pretty an idea is this? Of course mosquitos might eat us alive, but that happens in India, it would add to the environment!

Image from Black*Eiffel

I am unsure what I would serve since I have so many favorites. I may try to make some meat dishes though I am a vegetarian. Conveniently many Indian dishes are vegetarian!

Aloo Gobi will be served, it's cauliflower and potato. And coincidentally delicious!

I also would definitely want to include dal makhani!
Image from Curries 'n More

I also would like to decorate in bright colors with Indian details! The colors in this little collage are amazing!
Image from An Indian Summer

So that's it for now! Let's all have cute summer dinner parties!