Monday, August 31, 2009

Cardigan Adventures!

So I pushed back my schedule to start at 10 am on Mondays, and that leaves me with way too much time to organize and waste time on the internet! So I am to page 42 on Ravelry with sweaters that are tagged as cardigans. Basically what I want (and what I think Rachel wants) is a plain kind of boyfriend sweater with buttons and no difficult stitches or patterns. I love the look of lace knitting, but I want to be actually able to do this sweater without too much difficulty.
There are soo many beautiful sweaters that are almost what I would want like this one! It's so pretty, and maybe I could alter the pattern, but that might be beyond my skill level. haha

I really really like this one for men, again this is a pattern I would have to alter, and the pattern itself says its super difficult. So this is probably more work then I could handle!

So this is called the minimalist cardigan which makes me fooled into thinking it might be actually easy, it's not actually what I want to make this first sweater, but I think it might be a good second project!

Isn't this cardigan gorgeous? It has chubby yarn which I love and look at those sleeves!

These two last sweaters are probably the closest to what I am going for, but they still aren't perfect!
So this is the other one! And hopefully I will find a perfect one, since there are 500 pages total, I am extremely excited! Rachel and I will find one that is perfect!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to Blogging!

So Rachel is right, it isn't like we haven't been crafting or even avoiding craft blogs, because that's definitely not true in my case! We were just going crazy getting ready for school! And I was trying to buy everything ever possible for living in my (first!) apartment! I have pretty much everything necessary now, but I am really try to think of some decorating ideas so it looks less boring! And my room will be kraftxcore to the brim, but I feel a little guilty about pushing the DIY on all of my other room mates. So, I would love some decorating ideas for the living room that aren't too crafty, though i think I have some that will work out!
Mostly, I haven't been scrapbooking, but knitting and crocheting a bunch. These are some of the projects that I am working on/completed.
I am completely obsessed with making these beret style hats! They are quick to make, and it's made with crocheting, which I honestly haven't done too much of. I am definitely a knitter at heart, but I am excited about crochet. I finished the baby blanket I started when I was super young, there are missed stitches and the color isn't the best, but it's completed! I am working on 2 scarves that are knit with tiiiiny needles and skinny yarn! I am excited, but it is definitely labor intensive!
Anyway, Rachel and I have been talking about making cardigans, we are pretty excited about and maybe we will actually motivate each other to do it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

hellloooo all!

Ok! So August has been a bit of a crazy month, with summer coming to an end and school coming to a start this blog has unfortunately fallen on the backburner. But now that school has started, let the procrastination via crafting begin! haha. Just because we haven't been on here doesn't mean we haven't been knitting like the junkies needing a yarn fix that we are, we just have been keeping it secret. But we do have some things to show for our efforts. I also just got a new camera for my birthday that I am hoping will come in handy in a few posts, as well as a renovation project we did, and an assignment to build a popsicle stick bridge that can support a brick in my 3D design class that will for sure find its way on here. So there is much to come! We hope that this unintentional break will not slow us down!