Thursday, October 29, 2009

Noro Noro Noro!

So I only have two knitting projects going on currently, until those needles I need for the cardigan challenge come in, anyway. One is this lace knitting that I'm not proud enough of yet to show on here, but the other is with some pretty top notch yarn by Noro. I had been trying to put this off until I wasn't so busy, but that yarn kept calling my name. Everything I have seen by them I have really really liked, their colors are all basically excellent, and it's of the chunky yet soft texture that is so satisfying. Here is a photo that I hope can give you an idea of this!
I am particularly excited to get to the green part.
I found a pattern on Ravelry called the "Prismatic Scarf" that I have been following and I feel like it's the perfect fit for this project. The idea behind the pattern was to have a scarf that basically shows off the yarn its made with, and since I have been basically talking about Noro as if I were in love with it, this pattern seemed only fitting. Here's how its been going so far:
And just to add to my excitement of working on this, I have been using my Brittany needles which were aptly described as "regal" by Margaret when we were purchasing them.

Ok, well I'm sure you've heard my gush enough about my personal knitting indulgences.
Here's the view of my cat from my bed this morning.
Annie. Professional Creeper.
Hopefully I survive the night. -Rachel

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